Jerky Tracks Bison Bourbon Flavored

Jerky_Tracks_Bison_Bourbon-03-900When your Jerky Tracks Bison Bourbon flavored Jerky arrives get ready for a treat. This small batch Jerky comes from a family business headed by Mike Sabatino of Ballwin, MO. Mike and his sons, Alex, Jake, and Nick, are the forces behind Jerky Tracks and this business was born as a father and sons project resulting from their love of salted meats, the great outdoors and hunting.

Jerky_Tracks_Bison_Bourbon-02-900When you open the resealable bag you can smell the bison, the sugar and a hint of Bourbon. This Jerky starts out sweet on the tongue and then as you chew you taste black pepper. The black pepper gives you a mild heat that compliments the bourbon and brown sugar flavors.

This Jerky is slick on the surface likely from the sugar glaze on the meat. The meat was flavorful and cut in to bite size chunks that could be rolled around on the tongue to fully enjoy the sweetness. This Jerky is on the firm side and provides plenty of chewing enjoyment while not being tough. The lean bison (American Buffalo) meat makes wonderful Jerky.


Since this is an artisan jerky the only ingredient hints we get from the package are that they use a “mix of spices, sugar and other natural ingredients”. We don’t know the salt content, but to my palate sodium was in the low-middle range.  As for the value, the package is 4 oz and cost $14 (+$5 shipping as of 02/2015) coming in at $3.50 an oz. But with shipping it comes in at over $4 an oz so it only earns a 2 on the value scale.

This is an enjoyable Jerky with a great story. We rate the Jerky at 3-Stars and the family story 5-Stars.

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