Field Trip Honey Spice Beef Jerky

Field_Trip_Honey_Spice_Beef_Jerky-03-900Field Trip Jerky is an East Coast artisan jerky company founded by three friends who have pressed their brand forward into many retail locations nationwide. When you open the Honey Spice No 11 it has a fresh nose where you can smell the beef and spices including the cayenne pepper. The texture of the jerky is dry-rub style, firm to the touch and not sticky. When you reach in the bag you’ll find a variety of pieces some bite size and some that need to be torn apart to eat. Since there is no heavy coatings, you won’t come out with sticky fingers.

Field_Trip_Honey_Spice_Beef_Jerky-02-900As you begin to chew Jerky the honey flavor releases in the juices and then you taste the Top Round beef. Finally there is a lite peppery finish that subsides when you swallow the Jerky. The word for this Jerky is subtle. It does not overwhelm as too-sweet or too-hot. It’s approach is to give you a balanced flavor experience and not to assault you with over-the-top flavors. This make sense as the “Field Trip” team has at least one marathoner and this jerky fits the “training fuel” school of thought.

Field_Trip_Honey_Spice_Beef_Jerky-04-600This is a USDA packaged product and I appreciate the side opening bag that reminds me of my baseball days. The side-opening package is easy to reach into and has a closable seal so you can carry it with you. The package promotes this as a healthy snack proclaiming “No Preservatives, No Added MSG, No Nitrates, No Corn Syrup, Low Fat”. As usual the MSG it does have comes from the soy sauce (that what soy sauce is, right?)… but I like that on the back they also disclose that they use Frank’s RedHot as an ingredient! This is an homage to the homemade origins of this jerky.

Another thing we learn on the back is that it is no wonder the Honey flavor is subtle. Honey is listed after both Brown Sugar and Pineapple Juice on the ingredients list and then followed by Apple Juice. Likely each of these makes up a very small part of this lightly sweet Jerky. With only 8g of carbs per oz. this jerky its not too sweet but then again its not very Honey-ey. On the upside, this is also very light on the salt scale with only 160 gr of sodium. Finally, for value this comes in at $6 for 2.2 oz (as of Feb 2015) so this is in the $3 per oz range.

Field_Trip_Honey_Spice_Beef_Jerky-rank-900Overall I’m going to give Field Trip Honey Spice #11 a 3-Star rating. This is a good solid Jerky that if you are looking for quality fuel it will more than meet your needs and leave you feeling good about yourself. Even after you finish eating the entire bag in one sitting… just like I did.

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