Country Archer Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky

country_archer_cracked_pepper_beef-02country_archer_cracked_pepper_pinterestCountry Archer is a small production brand that comes from the little town of Grand Terrace in sunny southern California. This jerky is the product of a former butcher who has focused on producing jerky from high-quality cuts of meat since 1977. What is amazing is this relatively unknown boutique brand is packaged in its own USDA inspected facility. Basically, the team at Country Archer has been putting other people’s names on their jerky for years… but now its available directly from the source.

I took this Jerky tailgating and used it as a perfect complement to a bloody-mary.

When you open the Country Archer package you are met with a true beef smell. The Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt do not overwhelm the beef in this tasty Jerky. As you reach into the 3oz package you will find quite a few bite sized pieces that are random shapes and sizes. The meat is tender to the touch but not sticky.

As you chew, the pepper flavor is released and the marinade in the meat mixes with the spice on your tongue to further enhance the meat flavor.

country_archer_cracked_pepper_beef-01The bag promises a “truck-load” of pepper flavor which is delivered. The cracked black pepper is in hearty chunks and has pepper flavor without heat. The combination compliments the meat quite well.

country_archer_cracked_pepper_beef-nutritionSince this is a USDA inspected product the Nutrition Facts on the bag tell us that the sodium on this product is pretty high at 520 mg per ounce. The front of the bag warns you about this declaring “Cracked Pepper with Sea Salt”. Also with 8 grams of sugars, the carbs on this jerky  is on the higher side of the scale. Very possibly why this tastes so good is the mix of sugar and salt. As it hits the palate the combination is magic.

country_archer_cracked_pepper_beef-ratingThe ingredients are basic and natural and the quality of the meat is apparent. At $2.00 an oz this is a mid-priced jerky with lots of flavor.

The only thing that holds this back from a solid 4-rating is the sodium content. We are giving this Jerky 3-Stars.



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