Sprouts Beef Teriyaki Jerky

Sprouts Farmers Market is a grocery store chain out of Phoenix Arizona that focuses on “helping customers live a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price”. Sprouts offers a private labeled brand of Beef Jerky in it stores that as the package proclaims is made from beef raised without added hormones and that has no nitrites, no erythorbate (a preservative) and no added MSG. Upon opening the bag you will pick up a strong smell that isn’t beef. sprouts_beef_teriyaki-02-900It’s not objectionable but it’s not really identifiable either. To my nose it was slightly fishy, my guess it is the “Natural Smoke Flavoring” that was added. This is also proclaimed on the front of the bag so they are not hiding the fact that the flavor is added, but I’d like to see what they use to make that “natural” smoke flavor.

This 3.25 ounce bag features quite a few random sized single-bite chucks and some chunks are two bites that will require tearing a piece off. As you chew you will taste more of the smoke flavor and then a sweetness kicks in. Unfortunately in this flavor mix the meat taste is missing in action. The meat has a good chew but was not constant through the bag. Some pieces were softer, some chewier and some tough.


sprouts_beef_teriyaki-NutritionThis is a USDA inspected production Jerky and the sugars and salt content are on the good side of the jerky scale with only 5g of carbs and 270 mg of sodium per ounce. Based on this, I’m going to venture they have given up flavor to produce a slightly healthier product. At $2 an ounce its competitively priced with other production Jerkys.

sprouts_beef_teriyaki-ratingSprouts Beef Teriyaki Jerky is a fairly mild (bland) jerky relying on the “other” stuff to give it flavor. Although it a little healthier than others, if I’m going to be healthy give me meat flavor not sugar, soy sauce or “smoke”. I’m not convinced Jerky has to be “junk food” to taste good, but overall his jerky was a little disappointing and we are giving it 2-Stars.  http://www.sprouts.com




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