Bridgeford Sweet Baby Rays Sweet ‘n Spicy Beef Jerky

Bridgeford_Sweet_Baby_Rays_Sweet_n_Spicy-00This thick cut beef is tasty! Bridgford Foods has combined a thick cut of quality beef with the popular Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet ‘n Spicy Barbecue Sauce to make this wonderful jerky.

Bridgeford_Sweet_Baby_Rays_Sweet_n_Spicy-01When you open the package you are immediately greeted with the aroma of the sweet barbecue sauce. When you grab a piece the texture of the meat is slightly tacky but what is really noticeable is the thickness of the cut. Each piece is at least a full 1/8″ thick. This heft is becomes apparent when you bite down to pull off a piece to eat. But as you pull the meat tears easily foreshadowing of the tenderness of the chew to come.

Bridgeford_Sweet_Baby_Rays_Sweet_n_Spicy-03What is interesting is the first flavor on your tongue is the beef and then as you chew the barbecue flavor releases. The effect is a result of the meat being marinated in the sauce not just coated with the sauce. Continue chewing and your mouth is filled with the sweet flavors and then the spiciness of the sauce releases. This tangy flavor results in a slight heat that stays in your mouth for a few minutes even after the meat is gone.
Bridgeford_Sweet_Baby_Rays_Sweet_n_Spicy-RatingThe thick cut and tender meat combine to what I would consider to be the perfect chew. This jerky is great and has earned a 4-Flavor and a perfect 5-Chew.  The value of this Jerky is also very-good coming in at $1.85 per ounce (Apr 2015) earning it 4-Value crowns. But now for the bad news, this jerky gets 5-Heart Bombs with the sodium at 480 mg. The sodium score is the only thing that keeps this from being a 4-Star Jerky. But because of the 1 point for sodium this Jerky only scores an overall 3.5 rating.

If the sodium doesn’t bother you my recommendation is to get a bag of this jerky and a cold beer and enjoy it!


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