Tillamook Smoked Jalapeno Beef Jerky

Tillamook_Country_Smoked_Jalapeno-00-900I love jerky with big flavor and the Tillamook Smoked Jalapeno does not disappoint. We opening the bag of this jerky you immediately can see the natural cuts of beef used. With a slightly reddish color the cuts are thick bite sized chunks. As you chew the meat it stats with a slightly sweet taste and then you taste the smoke flavor and the Jalapeno flavor fills your taste buds. Its got a good strong heat that stays with you for a couple minutes after you are done chewing. Each piece of this jerky was enjoyable to eat with no tough pieces or fat to fight through.
Everybody knows this snack food is bad for you right? Well nobody told Tillamook who points out that this jerky is All Natural, Low Fat, Gluten Free, has No Nitrates and has no MSG added. Further they point out this is made with Sea Salt (I guess not that “other” kind of salt). It always makes me smile when the health benefits are bigger on the package than the brand or the product description. I will concede that they artfully use the T logo in the see-through portion of the bag. But really is this healthy? One thing is for sure, it is tasty.

Tillamook_Country_Smoked_Jalapeno-01-900Tillamook_Country_Smoked_Jalapeno-02-900Tillamook_Country_Smoked_Jalapeno-rankOverall this is good jerky with a great 5-flavor rating, a strong 4-chew and 4-Heat. At $2.00 per ounce (Apr 2015) it is also a good 3-Value the only downside is the sodium is fairly high at 510 mg per ounce earning it 5-Sodium bombs and 0-Sodium points towards the overall score. When you add it all up Tillamook Smoked Jalapeno Beef Jerky earns 3-Stars and is a must try if you love flavorful spicy jerky!

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