Old Trapper Peppered Beef Jerky

Old-Trapper-Peppered-Beef-Jerky_02On the back of the package you read… “When you go into restaurants, are you embarrassed by how long you make the waiter grind fresh pepper onto your meal? If so Old Trapper Peppered Jerky is your flavor.” Ah yes… I’m in!  Peaking through the clear window on the front of the package reveals a rich dark red tinted meat with significant Black Pepper bits coating the meat. The package also lets you know the meat is naturally smoked.

Diving into the package the first thing I noticed was no artificial “smoke flavor added” smell, just the smell of the beef.  Inside you get bite sized chunks that are dry to the touch and easy to tear apart with your teeth or fingers. Also noticeable is the telltale red smoke ring on the meat. The chew is perfect on this jerky. Easy to chew but substantial enough to give you the full mouth flavor of the jerky and the flavor is also spot on. You can tell the meat is high quality with little or no gristle in the meat. There is a little sweetness in the flavor and the black pepper flavor is wonderful. What’s interesting is the heat from the pepper comes on well after you finish chewing also the value for this tasty snack is quite good at only $1.85 an ounce earning 4 value crowns. So now the bad news… the sodium comes in at a heart-stopping at 590 Mg and the carbs are also pretty high at 6g. Ah yes, the magic mix of sweet and salt. Not good for you, but still very tasty.

Old Trapper hails out of Forest Grove Oregon a suburb of Portland. The website shares the legend of the “Old Trapper” that inspired this line of Jerky. The parent company Old Trapper Smoked Products is an established jerky producer in business for over 40 years with sales of almost $5M a year. Old Trapper is well known in the North West for its naturally-smoked quality meat products and even employs a brand ambassador (think the world’s most interesting Trapper) to promote its line of jerky at regional events.

Old-Trapper-Peppered-Beef-Jerky_RatingOverall I recommend Old Trapper Jerky. Its a very high quality meat excellent flavor and it provides a pleasurable Jerky eating experience. If you want to order some Old Trapper for yourself just go to the website and stake your claim. http://oldtrapper.com

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