Turners Outdoorsman Dried Ahi

Turneres_Outdoorsman_Dried_Ahi-01Turners Outdoorsman is So Cal chain of hunting, shooting, and fishing specialty stores headquartered in Long Beach, CA. So when you go buy bullets for your Glock you will find that Turners has their own line of Jerkys. Today’s treat is the Turners Dried Ahi. After my not-so-sweet experience with the Cuttlefish I was anxious to try the Ahi to hopefully refresh my love of dried fish.

Open the 4 oz bag of Ahi and you pickup the sweet scent of Teriyaki with a subtle tuna base. Reaching into the bag you will find several large cuts of tuna along with several smaller bite sized pieces. The fish is dry to the touch but as you press your fingers in you find the slightly sticky glaze used to marinate the meat. The meat is tender and the large pieces are easily torn apart into bite sized chunks.

When you put the tuna in your mouth the first flavor comes from the Teriyaki its sweet with a smoky flavor and the Tuna is subtle and not at all “fishy”. Continue chewing and your mouth fills with a sweet Tuna melody with a very mild finish. There is little or no heat to this Jerky and I’d love to see the add a Wasabi mix on this meat because I think a little heat would make this a Jerky homerun.

Turneres_Outdoorsman_Dried_Ahi-02So here’s the catch-22. The Teriyaki is a little too strong a takes away a lot of the Tuna flavor, but on the other hand if your not a fish nut, you will love this fish as it is mild and tasty. For Flavor I’m giving it a 4. For the Chew I’m giving it a 3. This is a tender meat and will breakdown in your mouth pretty quickly. Here’s where I get into trouble, there is no Nutritional label on this package, Carbs, Sodium? Yes to both, how much? We don’t know for sure.

Turneres_Outdoorsman_Dried_Ahi-scoreTo my palate its pretty sweet and in the middle of the Sodium scale. We do however, get an ingredients list that includes Ahi (tuna), Teriyaki Sauce, Water, Sugar, Liquid Smoke, GInger, granulated Garlic and Sodium Nitrate. Between the Teriyaki/Soy and Sodium Nitrate there’s plenty of salt. The 4 oz package retails for $6.99 so the value scores a 4. Overall this Jerky scores a solid 3.3 rating. I want to think its healthier than Beef Jerky, but who’s to say for sure?

Unfortunately this product is only sold in-store so you will need to make a road trip to So Cal to get some for yourself. But if you are in the neighborhood and you want to try something a little different, give the Turners Dried Ahi a try.  www.turners.com



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  1. Jim
    September 30, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Nice change of pace from regular jerkys. The retail price is actually $6.99.

  2. Stephen
    October 2, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks! I’ve updated the price info and the scoring to reflect the better value.

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