Cheyenne Brand Peppered Beef Jerky

Cheyenne_Brand_Peppered_Beef_Jerky-01Hailing from the great state of Minnesota (it says Made in Minnesota right on the package) and celebrating the original home of the Cheyenne Indians (not Wyoming the home of the North American Aerospace Defense Command), Cheyenne Brand Beef Jerky comes to us from the Jerky private label leader Monogram Meat Snacks of Memphis Tennessee.

This well traveled Jerky meets the basic expectations of a high quality grocery store Jerky. Open the package and you are greeted by 3 oz of peppered Jerky bites. Each piece is “Premium Cut” into manageable 1-2″ sized chunks with quite a few broken pieces of meat making up the bulk of the volume in the package. Firm to the touch with a slightly tacky surface the black pepper and drying rack marks are visible on the surface of the meat.

Cheyenne_Brand_Peppered_Beef_Jerky-02When you put the Cheyenne pieces in your mouth the pepper immediately comes to life. As you chew the sweetness of the Brown Sugar comes on followed by another wave of pepper that stays with you through the chew. Unfortunately there’s not much beef flavor here as it is masked by the Pepper and Sugar, however if you like peppered meat the flavor is very good. For that reason Cheyenne Brand Peppered Beef Jerky earns 3 Flavor Bolts. On the bright side, the chew is very good as piece will provide 60-100 chews and the meat breaks down nicely in your mouth and leaves very little fatty residue giving it a rating of 4 Chew Stashes.

Cheyenne_Brand_Peppered_Beef_Jerky-ReviewThe Pepper kicks up the heat and leaves your mouth hot well after you finish the jerky giving it a 3 Flame Heat rating. Since this is a USDA packaged food, we learn that the sodium comes in with 5 Heart Bombs at 600 mg per oz along with 6 grams of carbohydrates. This salty-sweet overload is fairly common in the big store brands and Cheyenne Brand is no different. Packaged as a 3oz portion and sold at retail for around $6.00 brings the value comes in at 3 Crowns. Overall the Cheyenne Brand Peppered Beef Jerky scores a 2.8 score. This is a good every day jerky you should be able to find in your local store. To learn more about Monogram Foods visit

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