Divine Bovine Original Beef Jerky

Divine_Bovine_Original_Beef-01Divine Bovine is a gourmet jerky manufacturer from Palm Desert CA who has taken the road less traveled with their Jerky business. Open a bag of Divine Bovine and you’ll immediately notice a difference. A soon as you open the foil bag the aroma of the Beef and the Brown Sugar jumps out and assaults your senses. Reach you hand in the bag and you immediately notice the soft to the touch and tacky surface of the meat.  A quick review of the packaging helps you understand. This jerky is made from Beef Brisket and is prepared with an old family recipe from “pops” who was a butcher in Italy. This is not a traditional American Jerky the 3.25 oz bag has multiple postage stamp size small bites. Each piece tears apart with little to no effort and the meat fully retains the marinade. The result is a flavor explosion when you begin to chew.

Divine Bovine Original Beef Jerky is made from quality beef brisket resulting in a very tender jerky.
Divine Bovine Original Beef Jerky is made from quality beef brisket resulting in a very tender jerky.

The flavor starts very sweet with just a little heat and a light soy flavor. Hints of pepper and garlic are released as you chew and each bite breaks down very quickly. For flavor on a scale of 1 to 5 I’m giving it a 4. Better than most but the “original” flavor of the obviously high quality brisket is a little overwhelmed by the sugar. The chew also earns a 4. Because of the tender meat the chew breaks down pretty quickly but if you love tender Jerky you’ll love Divine Bovine. Best of all there is no fat, gristle or any annoying bits to contend with. Divine_Bovine_Original_Beef-ratingThe Pepper gives you a little heat in the middle of the chew but is cooled down by a second wave of sweetness. The sodium comes in at a reasonable 320 mg per ounce but the 5 grams of sugar is pretty high and explains the sticky-sweet goodness in every bite. Overall Divine Bovine Original Beefs scores 3.5 Stars.

Divine Bovine has no artificial ingredients or preservatives and is also gluten-free. This jerky is a sweet protein treat thet is not to be missed. I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors because the quality of this meat is second to none and is truly gourmet. You can try some for yourself by visiting divinebovinejerky.com and let me know what you think.

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