Edes Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky

Edes_Hickory_Smoked_Beef_Jerky-01When you get your Jerky in the actual brown paper sack, your curiosity will be piqued. Who puts jerky in a paperbag? Edes Custom Meats hailing from Amarillo, TX does just that and guess what? They really know how to make jerky! Maybe its a Texas thing, they’ve got the beef and they’ve got the cowboy know how. My treat today is a bag of Edes Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky.

When you first open the bag the thing that jumps out is there is little to no odor. This jerky is dry to the touch and fairly hard. That’s likely why they can put it in the brown paper bag there is nothing to leach out onto the bag. It’s easy to imagine this is they way the cowboys made their Jerky back in the day. It’s dry, it feels like it would last six months on the road.

When you put your first piece in your mouth the first impression is hard. This is firm jerky, it’s not tough but you are going to have to chew it and use your saliva to re hydrate the beef. But the effort is well worth it. The beef comes alive in your mouth and if you are hankering for a jaw workout it will give you the best chew you’ve ever had. As you chew the flavors and heat are released the meat breaks down consistently and leaves little to no fat at the end of the chew. As you finish eating the meat the heat envelops your mouth and send you running for the closest bottle of water you can find.

Edes_Hickory_Smoked_Beef_Jerky-02This jerky is a USDA  labeled product with full nutritional details. The Ingredients are Beef, Sugar, Salt, Black Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, garlic, Maple Sugar and Sodium Nitrite as a preservative. (Sodium nitrite is a salt and an anti-oxidant that is commonly used to cure meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs. Sodium nitrite serves a vital public health function: it blocks the growth of botulism-causing bacteria and prevents spoilage and while sodium nitrite is naturally present in many fruits and vegetables.)

I score it a perfect 5 for Flavor and Chew and it gets a very respectable 4 for value coming in at $1.33 an ounce. Edes_Hickory_Smoked_Beef_Jerky-ratingAs far as heat, the “regular” hickory smoked variety is pretty hot coming in with a 4 on the heat scale. This Jerky scores an overall 4 out of 5 stars and is only held back by is sodium score which is in the upper mid scale at 430 mg per ounce. I love the way the Hickory flavor comes alive in your mouth and the heat keeps you motivate to reach for the next piece.

Get yourself a couple of bags of Edes, this is the real deal. Keep a cold beer handy and enjoy the beef! You can get yours at edesmeats.com.


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