Hawaiian Cowboy Red Hot Beef Jerky

Hawaii Jerky Review
Hawaiian Cowboy Red Hot Beef Jerky

Hot from the Islands comes the Hawaiian Cowboy Red Hot Beef Jerky. This 2 oz bag is a quick snack that will hold you over while you wait to get your full helping of your Hawaiian classics such as Chicken Long Rice and Spam Sushi.

This Jerky brings the heat with visible red pepper flakes you can see right through the clear plastic wrapper. It comes in a resealable bag just in case you want to savor it a little bit at a time. When you open the bag you can smell the sweetness of the brown sugar and you nose picks up the a hint of the pepper. As you pop a piece in your mouth you will find this to be a moist Jerky and easy to chew. The texture is a little sticky from the sugar but as you chew it breaks down nicely and the flavor fills your mouth.

The Beef Flavor Comes Alive

You first notice the sweetness of the natural sugars and then the smoky beef flavor comes alive. Finally you are assaulted (in a good way) by the heat of the crushed red pepper flakes. When eating Red Hot your mouth will sting from the heat for a little while, well after the Jerky is gone. But alas the Hawaiian Cowboy rides away into the sunset far too early as two ounces is just enough to get you hankering for another bite.

Hawaii Jerky Review
Loaded with Flavor the Hawaiian Cowboy Red Hot is an Island Treat!
Hawaiian Cowboy Red Hot Jerky Review
Hawaiian Cowboy Red Hot Review

Whats interesting about this fairly-sweet Jerky is the carbs are actually pretty low at only 2 grams per ounce. They’ve sweetened the Jerky with natural flavors such as Brown Sugar, Honey and Apple Juice. But unfortunately the sodium comes in pretty high at 730 mg per oz and if you read the package you’ll see they’ve snuck in some MSG. I get it—that you can really increase the shelf life significantly and that comes in handy if you are stuck on a deserted island—but we are in Waikiki and personally I’d prefer they leave out the MSG.

Hawaiian Cowboy Jerky

This Jerky is manufactured by Hawaiian Cowboy Snacks out of Honolulu and you should try it next time you are visiting the 50th state. When you see them, tell them Aloha for me! HawaiianCowboySnacks.com

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