Oregon Wine Country Jerky Pinot Noir

Oregon Wine Country Pinot Noir Jerky
Oregon Wine Country Pinot Noir Jerky

Don’t know which wine to pair with your favorite snack? Oregon Wine Country has solved the dilemma for you by putting the wine in the Jerky.

The Oregon Wine Country package is a unique clear shrink-wrapped plastic that designed to seal out any air. Also the package has a distinct Sell By date to make sure you get the freshest Jerky possible.

After cutting the package open with scissors the first thing you will notice is the slick surface of the meat. If you empty the bag and stick your nose in the package you will smell the Pinot Noir that has been marinating your jerky ever since it was packaged. This slick surface is unique as you don’t usually see this on other Jerkys.

The Jerky Score

The 1/2 dozen or so pieces of meat in the 4 oz bag are thick cut strips of quality beef. The meat is moist and flavorful and has a firm chew that breaks down nicely. The primary flavor is the smoky beef with hints of sweetness from the wine marinade. The Flavor of the Oregon Wine Country Jerky scores a solid 4, the Chew also comes in at a 4, Sodium gets a 2 for its slightly higher than average sodium 420 Mg per Oz and Value comes in at a 3 with the 4 oz bag retailing at $11. The Overall score is a 3.3 Stars.

Oregon Wine Country Pinot Noir Jerky
How about a delicious glass of Oregon Wine Country Pinot Noir Jerky?

When you visit their website you will also be greeted by several other wine/beer infused Jerkys in their lineup. I’m looking forward to giving some of their Hot flavors a try next. Overall I really enjoyed the Oregon Wine Country Jerky Pinot Noir. Visit: nwbhjerky.com


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