Boyd Specialties Black Label Chipotle Tequila Beef Jerky

BlackLabelChipotle_900-01Last month wine, this month tequila! This delicious Black Label Chipotle Tequila jerky is bright to us by Boyd Specialties just up the road in Southern California Inland Empire in Colton CA. The is a sweet and spicy jerky with many complex flavors. Packaged a black back clear front zip lock bag, this jerky has a red hint of color clearly visible through the package. The two shots of tequila and the red and green peppers on the label give you a hint of what is in store.

Open the package and you smell a sweet and smoky aroma. The jerky itself is dry to the touch and has visible red pepper flakes on the meat. As you tear into one of the pieces you’ll enjoy a tender jerky with plenty of chew to enjoy. As you begin to chew the sweet notes hit your palate and are followed by a smoky tequila flavor. This is a liquor infused jerky that actually tastes like the spirit. The meat benefits from the tequila in two ways. First the tequila has a tenderizing effect on the tissue of the meat (the same thing it does to your liver) and second, the smoky, peppery flavor of tequila is a perfect complement to the peppers and the meat. All Boyd Specialties Jerky is prepared natural style from solid strips of steak and they use no preservatives or MSG and the quality really comes through in the taste and texture of this Jerky.

BlackLabelChipotle_900-02Boyd Specialties is a family owned and operated business with their own packaging plant. Not only are several generations of family involved Boyd also works closely with the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Organization to help bring jobs to their community. With the recent national headlines about San Bernadino, it’s important to remember this is a thriving community in the heart of Southern California.

BlackLabelChipotle_900-ratingBut here’s the big story… and the reason why Boyd Specialties Black Label Chipotle Tequila Beef Jerky receives the highest rating yet on Jerky Aficionado… the Jerky scores a 5 for Flavor and a 5 for Chew and the first ever 5 for Sodium… at only 70 grams per ounce this jerky has 10% of the highest we’ve tasted and at least 1/4 less of the average sodium found in most Jerky’s. The score is rounded out with a respectable 3 Crowns for value at only $2.67 and ounce the 3 oz bag for $7.99 is a solid value.

The overall score of 4.5 is the highest we’ve ever rated. If you want big bold flavor and heart friendly sodium content… Boyd Specialties Black Label Chipotle Tequila Beef Jerky is a must try. I get to enjoy many types of jerky and I love robust flavors. This jerky delivers on this and will be very popular with the “spicy” lovers in your family. Website:

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