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The Little Bit Jerky company comes to us from Wichita Falls, TX. This little company makes several Jerky’s with big flavor. Today’s catch is the Twisted Bit. This Jerky has a bold Cajun flavor that will excite your palate. Little Bit packages all their Jerky’s is honest clear packaging. I like it because you can see the beautiful slabs of Jerky your about to enjoy and the resealable bag lets you keep an eye on your Little Bit inventory. Unfortunately mine didn’t last too long. Not that there wasn’t plenty of Jerky to enjoy, in fact there were almost 10 large slabs the bag with each slab tearing apart into 3 or 4 bites. The problem was the bold, hot flavoring that caused me to just keep going back for for another “bit” until the entire bag was gone.

Dry-rub Delicious Jerky

The Twisted Bit is a dry-rub style Jerky. No sweet sticky coating to get in the way of the beef. The Twisted Bit’s Cajun spices were visually apparent before you even opened the bag. The nose on this jerky is beef with a hint of hickory but when you pop a piece in your mouth the cacophony of Cajun flavors comes alive. Nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and a hint of Jalapeno give the dry rub a real kick.

Little-Bit-Original-Bit-Beef-JerkyTexas Jerky – The Real Deal

Whats interesting is the beef that is lies just below the Cajun spice of the Twisted Bit. I have to admit, I’m developing a fondness for Texas Beef Jerky, The beef in this Jerky is just about perfect. Its got great flavor and is not over powered by the hickory smoke. The chew is firm but breaks down nicely and releases the beef’s flavor the more you chew. The mouth feel is very good and there were only a couple of fatty spots in the entire bag. But don’t forget—the Cajun spice on the Twisted Bit will light up your taste buds and if you are not careful you be so busy shoving another piece in your mouth that you will forget to slow down and enjoy the beef. As an interesting side note, Little Bit also makes their Twisted Bit Jerky in a shredded chew. Similar to chewing tobacco you can put a little in your cheek and really enjoy the flavors as they release into your mouth. I think the Twisted Bit would make a perfect chew if you had a frosty beverage to go with it!

Little-Bit-Twisted-Bit-JerkyArtisan Jerky Family

Little Bit is a family company and truly an artisan jerky producer. In the family spirit and to celebrate fathers day I took a package of the Flaming Bit and shared it with my daughter during a recent Trip to Nashville, TN. I called her after our visit to get her review and this is what I got:

I ate the whole bag in one sitting, I loved it… and my mouth is on fire.”


Short and to the point, you too will enjoy your Little Bit.

Since Little Bit is not a fortune 500 we don’t have a full nutritional breakdown, but Little Bit points out on their website they use only top quality cuts of beef along with all natural dry spices that are free of MSGs, nitrates and preservatives.

The quality of beef is revealed in the flavor and chew. The missing nitrates and MSG become apparent after you finishing chewing. Once the heat dies down, you aren’t just running for a glass of water to counteract the preservatives. Kudos to Little Bit for showing how to do small-batch Jerky the right way.  You can learn more about Little Bit and order your own Twisted Bit.

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