Dundalk Dan’s Awesome Beef Jerky

I love original flavors of Beef Jerky and Dundalk Dan’s Chesapeake knocks it out of the park. This Jerky comes to us from Hard Working Foods in Baltimore MD and is true to its roots with the unique blend of spices including steamed crab seasoning. If you’ve ever visited the Baltimore Inner Harbor you know the smell of crab boil is literally in the air and if you love steamed Blue Crabs as much as I do, this Jerky will be a real treat.

Dundalk Dan’s is packaged in an I’ve-got-nothing-to-hide clear bag with a resealable zip lock top. The full-color label gives you an indication of what’s to come with its crab icon and the call out to its small batch hand processed preparation. Open the bag and you will smell the freshness of the beef and the mixture of the crab boil. The two aromas will make your mouth begin to water.

As you tear into your first piece and you will find the beef is very tender and pulls apart easily but has a nice chew as it breaks apart in your mouth. You will taste a hint of Hickory smoke and a little burn from the Crab Boil spice mix. Flavors include the Worcestershire sauce which really makes the beef flavor pop, Soy Sauce and a hint of heat from Tabasco. The flavors were spot on and the beef had a perfect mix of tender and chew to satisfy any Jerky lover.

It’s fair to say the combination of Worcestershire, Soy, and Crab Boil make this a salty Jerky. The nutritional facts on the bag confirm this Jerky is at the higher scale of sodium content. The only thing holding this back from being a 5-star jerky is the 5 Salt-bombs.

But let’s not forget, that’s the point of Crab Boil. The salty flavor of the sea! By the way, the salt problem is easily remedied by having a few cold beers, iced down in a bucket sitting in the middle of the picnic table. So, while you enjoy your Dundalk Dan’s Chesapeake Beef Jerky you can have a sip of ice cold beer to keep you refreshed. If you love Blue Crabs but you don’t like to bleed just to pick a minuscule amount of meat… grab a bag of Dundalk Dan’s Chesapeake Beef Jerky and get the best of both worlds. Lots of meat with lots of flavor… Beef Jerky and Crab Boil, genius!

To order your Dundalk Dan’s visit them online at https://www.dundalkdan.com



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