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Who doesn’t love a road trip? As an old-car and motorcycle guy I have crisscrossed the United States multiple times. One of the essential fuels common to every road trip I have taken over the years has been beef jerky. Sure I’ve eaten plenty of the gas-station stuff but when ever possible I have sought out the local Jerky being made the old-fashioned way. One of the food renaissances going-on now is the birth of the Artisan Jerky industry. With the advent of the internet and small-batch manufacturing we are seeing hundreds of boutique brands of jerky being produced. Each of these Jerky’s has its own unique character and taste and we would like to share as many as possible with others. This is just for fun… Wanna come along for the ride? –Stephen

sample_rank-900The Review Criteria
Each jerky we review will include a 1-5 rating in the following categories: Flavor (how does it taste), Chew (how does it feel in the mouth), Heat (mild to hot), Sodium (sodium content per oz), Value (price per oz.) and finally awarding an Over All grade of one to five stars. Here’s a little detail:

  • Flavor – We love meat and meat flavored Jerky will always score high. So Naked Jerky chefs should not fear. With that said, we also love exciting, complex flavors so if you mix up an amazing blend of spices that tastes great it will score it high as well. What fails? Flavorless meat or over done artificial flavors.
  • Chew – We believe jerky should give you as much mouth enjoyment as possible. That means we want to chew it for a while before it disintegrates. Of course, it’s a fine line between good chew and tough. A super tender jerky might taste great but it’s not going to score well on the chew.
  • Heat – We are going to try to give you an idea of where the Jerky falls on the scale from mild to hot. The heat number is not a factor in the overall rating, it’s just bit of all-be-it important information.
  • Sodium – We report the sodium content with a 1-5 “Heart-Bomb” rating. The scale is as follows:
    • 000-100 mg = 1 Heart Bomb & 5 points towards the overall score.
    • 101-200 mg = 2 Heart Bombs & 4 points towards the overall score.
    • 201-300 mg = 3 Heart Bombs & 3 points towards the overall score.
    • 301-400 mg = 4 Heart Bombs & 2 points towards the overall score.
    • 401-500 mg = 5 Heart Bombs & 1 point towards the overall score.
  • Value – This is a calculation of Price per Ounce. Although this will be adjusted occasionally, the scale is currently as follows.
    • 0.00-1.00 oz = 5 Crowns and 5 points towards the overall score.
      1.01-2.00 oz = 4 Crowns and 4 points towards the overall score.
      2.01-3.00 oz = 3 Crowns and 3 points towards the overall score.
      3.01-4.00 oz = 2 Crowns and 2 points towards the overall score.
      4.01-5.00 oz = 1 Crowns and 1 points towards the overall score.
  • Rating – The star rating comes from the score and our overall opinion about the Jerky. The Score is calculated as (Flavor+Chew+Sodium1+Value) / 4.  We take this “scientific” calculation and then award stars based on the warm and fuzzy feeling we get about the jerky.

If you have Jerky you would like to submit to our team for consideration please complete the Review Submission Request.

Note 1: Sodium Score is the reverse of the heart bomb count. So a low sodium jerky with 1 Heart Bomb gets 5 points towards its overall score. Conversely a 5 heart Bomb will only earn it maker 1 point towards the overall-score.

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