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Jerky in the Media

Featured on the CBS Sunday Morning program on January 18, 2015 were Black Forest Bison out of Colorado Springs, CO and Texas Aggie Brand Beef Jerky from the the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University. The segment was entitled Beef Jerky: Not Just a Gas Station Staple and discussed growing popularity of Jerky highlighting that sales have soared in recent years to over 2.5 Billion dollars annually.

History of Jerky

Jerky is the delicious result of a pre-historic meat preservation technique developed in many locations around the globe by complex prehistoric peoples some 12,000+ years ago. Based on bone finds Archaeologists suggest that Neanderthals made jerky, which could have been made from horse, red deer, woolly rhinoceros, bison and even mammoth. Ancient Egyptians ate jerky, so did early cultures elsewhere in Africa and in the… Read more →